11. 4. 2019  - We're in the world! The preparation for the birth was long, but it took Amy two days to do the preparation  she managed to be number one and saved strength, she slept a lot. It was just nerves for her mistresses who couldn't wait for the puppies! In the end, she decided on Thursday to bring her blacks into the world. And then it was a rumble, giving birth from the first to the eleventh baby, lasting a little over three and a half hours. First it was the turn of four boys, then one girl and then three boys again! That's the lady  they were really slightly desperate, and when it was the ninth baby's turn, they were afraid to see if it would be a boy again. Fortunately, two more girls were added and the nascent marathon was closed by another  a dog to confirm the huge superiority of the boys. Birth weights range from 280g (purple boy) to 480g (yellow baby girl), other babies weigh between 330 and 420g.
Amy's mother takes good care of her, she is a calm, perfect mom. And the puppies are incredibly calm and relaxed. Looks like they have enough milk. So we really have divine peace in our delivery box. And that's the way it should be.

13.4. 2019 - We have almost 2 days and we are doing well. The yellow girl has the most, 525g. The largest increase was recorded by the smallest dog and he already has 320g, and light green  a dog that now has 470g
Amyinka was restless tonight and didn't sleep at all. About hormones associated with milk production. I felt mentally unwell. so I couldn't sleep either. But he is physically cool and bastards for life. But now it's crunchy here. The babies sleep almost all the time and are satisfied. They are very kind,
15. 4. 2019 This morning's weigh-in showed us how good Amy's milk is. Increment of all puppies  together he was  in a single day 570g. I dare not guess how much milk it must be produced. What's behind all this? We are constantly striving for the psychological well-being of Amy (a nice chore during the onset of lactation) constantly babysitting the teat, every hardness so that mastitis does not appear, prioritizing the thinner ones first to drink as a priority,  guard every lifting and lying down  Amy in the box day and night, so that she doesn't accidentally step on it or lie on one of our little ones- (they're spread all over the box, so it's hard enough to avoid) boiling the broths so that Amy drinks what she can and the milk is enough - Quite a chore for 11 little ones, because otherwise he doesn't want to drink too much. Well, we're getting tired because we really don't get much sleep that night, and that's just the beginning of our volunteer marathon. But then we weigh our little slums and see how we do  they grow before our eyes and we are  the happiest in the world. And we can look at them indefinitely. 
16. 4.2019 Tonight was long again. Amy had already started coming out of the crib from time to time to stretch out and lie out of the crate. But as she climbs out of the box, her instincts force her to return to the mimes with each whistle. And so it grinds in her and walks here and there. And we were careful not to step on a puppy when going to the crate for a check. The morning weigh-in confirmed that Amyinka has a lot of milk, the purple dog gained beautifully, but the gray dog gained only 5 g and now he has 420 g. So today's task was clear: gray and purple must drink first. The evening checkweighing confirmed that our task was successful and in the evening the weight of the gray dog showed 455g. The yellow female was already 640g in the morning and is the largest with a light green and light blue male. At the same time, all three of these stormtroopers are the biggest calmmen who will not decide anything, even though they tend to be sideways for the first breastfeeding to get to the smaller ones, they are still gaining weight beautifully. Amy calmed down a lot today -  when he goes to the delivery box, he can already see that he knows where to step on and how to lie down. She also started coming out of the box for a few minutes. He lies down next to him, he can stretch as he needs, he can scratch ... he can't do all this besides the squirrels. So we hope for a quiet night, maybe we'll finally get more sleep. But that doesn't mean we're not on guard. We are still sleeping next to the box and we are on guard. After all, they are still little ones who are less than a week old. And with so many eleven babies, it's a bigger chore for everyone
22.4. 2019 The last few days we didn't have time to contribute to the diary because they were serious  hectic. It started because Amyinka suddenly didn't want to go to the crates for the puppies, so we were forced to bring the puppies to her every breastfeeding. This meant that we had to go through this every hour and sleep became a great luxury for us. When we put them with the babies, she suddenly took good care of her, licked them, but didn't go into the box. Overall, she was very tired, troubled, and seemed to have a bad psyche. She was without temperatures, she ate well, she just had a problem drinking, so we tried  everything possible. The cooked and frozen broths that I had prepared for her in advance now helped me a lot, I poured them granules so that she would have enough strength and especially fluids for the eleven babies. She gained a lot of puppies even for such a high number, she was satisfied. Only Amy wasn't obvious in her skin. But it worsened on Saturday night. She didn't want to eat anymore and getting food into her was a superhuman task. In addition, she became apathetic and I was on the verge of my strength. All night with minimal sleep and still watching Amy.  Even the puppies' weights were not the same in the morning, even though the puppies gained weight. My heart pounded when I saw the exhausted Amy, who tried to take care of the babies, but it got worse and worse for her. She started hiding in the bedroom and I didn't wait for anything and she quickly booked for a vet to have someone look at Amy and we didn't have to wait there when the babies were waiting for us at home. Dr. Amy examined, but found nothing. There was no temperature, no touch.  We were advised to start adding calcium - that it could be the beginning of decalcification  and the next day we asked Sono if there was anything left in Amy and that didn't bother her. I knew there shouldn't be a problem with that, but I was terrified. We also agreed that if Amy didn't improve, we would take blood the next day. We were also advised to start feeding the puppies. So we bought calcium right away,  2kg chicken breast and puppy milk. Add a dietary supplement - so that Amy gets all the vitamins and minerals she has. In addition, I started adding Oscillococcinum.  Amy was relieved on Saturday, but we preferred to go to the vet on Sunday. As I expected, the uterus is fine. But Amy has inflammation (increased leukocites) but we haven't figured it out. So the blood will be checked on Tuesday, and if the leukocytes increase, we'll use antibiotics. So far, we're trying to avoid them, mainly because of the babies Amy is breastfeeding, and we'd weaken her and their immunity unnecessarily.  But I firmly believe that the values will be lower, because it has improved a lot since Saturday and it can be seen that it is better. That also explains why he doesn't want to go to the box. It was weird for me to know what kind of mom it was at the first litter. I thought it was because there were just a lot of babies on her. She is tired and her body needs a lot of rest, gaining strength. Otherwise it is so  great mom! She feeds and licks beautifully. After we tried to feed them with artificial milk and the puppies didn't want it, we decided to dress Amy well and give her a good diet, which she will then give to the babies through her milk ... Of course we will watch everything and if we see that Amy can't do it, then we'll go back to feeding. After all, we have respect for bottle feeding. If babies can have more milk and they don't have time to swallow it, then they can choke, it gets into their lungs and they can then die of pneumonia. And so Amy eats puppy broths drizzled with broth, chicken breast drenched in steamed flakes, cottage cheese with eggs, biscuits, and all drenched in puppy milk. By the way, Amy tastes great and contributes to the formation of milk. After all, puppies have also grown right in front of Amy since Sunday, when she was relieved. And today, the 11th day of their life, they have 3 kilo puppies! You can see the weight gain here  Yeah, and one more great news. I've never been happier than tonight, when Amy, after shattering a bowl of granules (other than drenched in broth :) went to the table: D Hooray, hopefully it will be visible on her blood tomorrow.
23.4 - puppies are slowly starting to open their eyes! In the morning I had to go to Prague for work, so it was left to Kamč for a blood test for Veterina. Leukocites are dropping beautifully! HURRAY! But Amy is despite this message along the way  she vomited home, she was apathetic again. She didn't want to eat anything, even though we hadn't eaten her since midnight because of the blood. However, after the administration of calcium, she started to improve and when I came home from Prague in the evening, she was back in her skin and even went to the crate for the puppies! I think,  that it was mainly her psyche, because she was always terribly stressed at the vet and she was already there two days before, so it probably threw her off. Plus, I wasn't home. And the two of us are just connected ... However, we really have to give calcium regularly, after all, the puppies are growing incredibly much and quickly, and Amy spends this consumption mainly from her supplies.
24.4 - Amy is in a better mood again, she eats, and even drinks water for the first time since giving birth. Today our puppies lasted 2.5 - 3 hours without dandruff, so we slept better. Starting today, we're also slowly feeding to relieve Amy. Eleven little ones are no fun. In nature, so many would not survive in one litter. A fellow vet told me to compare it to a mother giving birth to triplets  and he will try to satisfy them all. And since they don't do well in artificial milk, after consulting with several veterinarians, we started giving puppies before they get a "cocktail" of artificial puppy milk with their mother's teat.  + Royal Canin Starter Mousse Mother & Babydog, which I had already ordered in advance and therefore at home. (it's such a soft meat pie) We started feeding through a spoon but then we found out that it's more everywhere, but not in the babies' bellies. So the second round was to try to put it in a bottle. And that was great! Dude, you sucked! And just as they didn't like the puppy milk before, they devoured this thin slurry by one hundred and six! They don't drink like that again, each about 5 ml, and every other breastfeeding, but we will definitely relieve Amy. Otherwise the puppies were satisfied, because of them we would not have to feed yet. tomorrow  we will arrive  Canin porridge, which is also from the 3rd week so there will be another side dish. after such a supplement, of course, all the puppies go to drink to their mother, it is definitely still the best source of income for babies. And precisely to ensure that Amy receives milk from her, we must relieve her so that the body does not collapse. She's great anyway. Even though she had some inflammation in her, she still has a lot of milk for the puppies, she takes care of them, she licks. Only when she is not the best, she goes into "emergency mode" and she does not go to the box, but she has milk for babies. And he has enough. In addition, as she does better, she starts to return to our crates and nurses them there as well. 
April 25 - We will have two weeks tonight. And we all have one kilo! (some puppets and more) You can see their scales here  terribly handy, they always slept 3 hours tonight, so we finally slept more. But most importantly - after feeding  All those who poured beautiful poop had mousse pâtés and artificial milk. Overall, we haven't had a single diarrhea since the birth, which can happen, but our pesans are obviously healthy and strong. However, today they get the first deworming trap (mom and dad also get deworming tablets)so we'll see what it does to theirs  poop. Because deworming paste usually pushes puppies. It's just as funny how important poop and consistency is for us breeders (parents)  : D. In all cases, however, we have a probiotic paste in reserve to help the puppies to ensure the balance of the microbiota in the intestines as soon as possible. This is very important for immunity.
I almost forgot! There is now a sleeping area in Bedýnka and a part where babies pee and poop. So they're still learning, but they're doing great! the wet is getting less and less wet ...
28.4  - So the assumption that deworming paste will pass them has come true. Fortunately, the puppies only have diarrhea whenever they wake up and go to their papat's mother. And since most people already know that they go to pee and poop outside the lair, it's not so bad. In addition, the ladies try to keep order as much as possible, so our household has a washing machine on from morning to evening. And one batch was released that night. Thank God we have a probiotic enzyme paste at home, so we serve. In the morning, some puppies had a little thicker poop, so the owners were relieved. However, because the puppies are our treasures, even though we have been counting on them for a while, we are worried and we are guarding the box, we are looking at every incense bitch: P We are probably hypersensitive, but they are our babies. I had to laugh the most when my daughter and Romeo returned from successful WT (working tests) from the Czech Republic yesterday, where  by the way, they finished 5th out of 21 teams, so Kamča slipped into the box and started cuddling with them. And the dark green really ran to her, his tail wagging incredibly fast and he really let himself be stroked, closing his eyes.  he really liked it. Kamcha then declared that she loved them all  and keeps them all: D Puppies are making incredible progress. In the morning, walking on a box with uncertain legs, he ran here in the evening and his legs obviously listened to him 100% more than in the morning! unreal! In addition, today they managed to sleep from 11 pm to almost 4 am, so we, including Amy, slept almost pink. And Amyinka had to wake them up, I guess the milk was already pushing her a lot. The baby would probably still be asleep. Today's task sounds clear. get rid of diarrhea
30.4. They have babies today  Day 19 and grow like out of water. The papal foods we give them after breastfeeding from their mother are beautiful. Although the puppies are always dirty everywhere, so they go to wash, but they are the right flats, so they don't protest at all, they rather enjoy it happily and growl nicely. However, they have stuffed bellies to burst and look like stuffed ticks. After a hand bath and thorough drying with a towel  they immediately fall off and sleep: D Between the time for food, there are more and more times when the puppies wake up, crawl on each other, play, bite, bite the stuffed animals in the box, go pee or poop on the diaper - they are exemplary and in the lair already there is almost no accident. And even though the poop is still not fully exemplary for everyone, it's much better and they all already have some shape: D  In addition, we left nothing to chance again, despite the fact that our vet  she didn't do a stool test or send it anywhere, we wanted to be sure and we'd rather go to Nový Jičín with the collected poop in the last 3 days to see Dr. Šturmová, who looked under a microscope and immediately told us that it was clean. No worms. We took a deep breath. It's been raining outside for the third day, so for now the puppies need a maternity crate. If it was nice, they would go out and look at the grass for a while. But nothing will escape them. Just keeping the eleven clean means ideally cleaning up after each poop so that the others don't spread it all over the box. So far we are doing well, even though it is a chore and the puppies are beautifully clean and fragrant <3 The characters are starting to show. The pink girl is most heard - she is pretty bitten and she has to be the first everywhere. Since flats don't like to bark, we don't understand where it's coming from. But this is ideal for such a lifeguard. And to guard the house too. Even our unobtrusive Amy & Romeo parents watch over and bark for one hundred and six. Especially now that there are little babies at home, especially Amy, who takes her very seriously. The biggest eater is a yellow girl and a light green boy. After all, they were the biggest of the litter. The most pet is the dark green and today he was the first to go to the kitchen after the food: D where he came across our cat Lizzie, who is watching the puppies from a distance. He would start playing with her right away. The lollipop poked him with her pacifier and then preferred to sway in front of the intruder on the chair. The video from this close meeting of the 3rd kind is on our BeskydHill Facebook page   The first candidates will come to see it tomorrow, so the puppies are starting a slow socialization period full of excitement and new stimuli. I hope that our crickets will be liked by future owners as much as we do: D. We are completely in love with them
4.5. We have had our first social visits. And even though so far only "future owners" go, the puppies enjoy it  strains and sleeps better and longer. Last night even from midnight to seven in the morning! Not that the puppies aren't awake at all in the meantime, they just don't need their mother's milk or side dish and they'll last so long without a bang. However, when it comes, it's really a real mess. In addition to porridge, mousee, soaked granules and puppy milk, papal puppies cooked chicken breast with rice and carrots yesterday. Dude, they liked it! In one go, he eats 1300ml of some yummy. And usually nothing is left. Then the puppies with bloated bellies that look to burst at any moment,  they go to the mistresses' hands, where they wash them a little with water and dry them with a towel. They like it very much, but they are flati - water lovers <3 and as soon as they are returned to the lair, they sleep like bagpipers.  They usually wake up at least once among the papacy, play, bark, bite into stuffed animals, brothers and sisters, run, poop and pee. It's a mess. 11 puppies throw at least one bay between each meal. So the ladies are still on the lookout and every shit is trying to clean up as soon as possible so that the others don't step on them right away and spread them in the crib, because all the puppies go to the toilet on the diaper. But there are eleven of them. The mistresses are just trying to keep the box and the babies clean so that the babies smell. But it's really a chore in this number! : D Last time I talked to a little pink girl - she hasn't shouted once since, she probably wanted to let me know that I wrongly accused her :) It's unbelievable, but the natures of babies are very nice. They are incredibly nice! And everyone so nice! We'll probably keep them all: D
10.5. Visits and socializations continue, our babies are beautiful and growing up. At the moment, they are all about three kilos, they were 4 weeks old yesterday and they will be a month tomorrow! After all, they are no longer babies, but little dogs. And what happened that week? We already have raw beef and chicken, boiled meat, yogurt and cottage cheese with banana and of course granules. We are unreal eaters and we like everything. The ladies say we're like a vacuum cleaner. Everything is eaten in 30 seconds. And sometimes he has to add to us. A large round bowl is no longer enough for us, so we already have two to eat, so that we don't all have to stay around one bowl. We know the world. Due to the weather, which may not be good for us - even though we were there for the first time we were really outside on Wednesday, and then yesterday, and today we have been outside almost all day. We walk nicely and then we go into the hut.  The second deworming took place yesterday, this time without a single diarrhea. The shit has not been in the box for almost 4 days, the babies always wait until they can climb out and then the peeing and poop epidemic begins. So the washing machine no longer runs 3 times a day, but only twice, but the ladies wipe 6 times a day. Fortunately, we will be out more, so the ladies will be relieved in this. Future applicants take turns one after the other, so both we and the owners have fun. And other puppies are supposed to be looking at us, but we still have something to look forward to. And the ladies too: D
And soon we will go to the outdoor living room for the night - even though the ladies are delaying it, we are still babies, but soon it will be the right time. Even though it's messy, the little ones are still terribly nice. The characters are starting to show a bit
  for example, when they were out for the first time, some got used to the situation faster, some of them were a little paf. The same when eating and after eating. Some are crying after the meal and want to go to the crib as soon as possible (eg red), some are still playing and fighting (most) and some lie down on some rag and sleep (eg yellow)  Almost all puppies already have their owners, so we are looking for future owners for the last two. 
13.5 . She had babies  on saturday month and weekend was, as usual, in style  socialization visits. It was beautiful on Saturday, the "dog weather" started again on Sunday - ugly, rain and wind, the temperature went down rapidly, from 18 degrees on Saturday to 8 on Sunday. Even so, our visits alternated one after the other on both days.  In addition, new applicants appeared on Sunday - an amazing family from Český Těšín, so at the moment we have the last boy available! Babies were given new housing for their monthly birthdays  - a pen with an inner lair and a great paddock. At first we thought they would only be there during the day and they would go back to the kitchen box for the night, but they liked it so much that we decided to try to leave the babies outside that night from Saturday to Sunday. And even the night they really liked in their new home! After all, they are almost done dogs, so much space and enough stimuli at home  they have not, everything already explored, outside in the pen  they have everything and plenty of space. So they are really satisfied, because they have a place to play but also a place where they pee and poop. And that these are babies above expectations! Basins are basically only on straw or even on grass! Both are quite far from the lair. We had another dilemma last night and didn't know if to leave them outside for another night -  after all, it was colder - 7 degrees. In the end, we decided to leave them where they were and monitor them - if they weren't cold, and if we found out they didn't like it outside, we would take them inside. But they just put in a new home  I like it! They are  handy flats. In addition, for them, the transition to a night when there is some 20 degrees inside and then moving out again in the morning would be even worse than staying outside. Paradoxically, those temperature changes could hurt the puppies more. Once again, Amy's unreal mom was revealed. He wants to throw out every meal he gets to the puppies. Which is great for babies, we just have to make sure Amy doesn't throw everything out at the puppies and she has something for herself. and also to have enough of all nutrients, especially calcium. So after eating, we have to leave her inside for a while so that she can at least spend something for herself. You can find photos about the life of this litter not only on our Facebook pages  , my daughters Kamča or our kennel BeskydHill , but also for all those who do not have Facebook, you can find them in Rajčet , where you can also see new, outdoor housing  of our babies. It is not possible to save videos on Rajč alone, but we will also work on that and create something on Youtube, I promise