On 11 of April 2019 Amy gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies.
We have 8 boys and 3 girls.
All puppies are black carrie liver.
No puppies available.
We are looking for loving homes which are ready to welcome a puppy as a family member. People who are familiar with flat´s active and contact character and want to give their free time to a dog, ideally, who thinks about some activities or working with dog. Welcoming are also those who think about breeding and exhibitions and they want to use the potential of high-quality pefigree. We will be happy to help you with everything.
Are you interested in a puppy from this combination?
People means, life is changing. Although we wanted to use Romeo later in our breeding, fate wanted it differently, and Amy wasn´t pregnant after way to Sweden last year. Meanwhile, Romeo has fulfilled all the conditions for the breeding, and although of course we had some expectations in his acquisition, he surpassed them in all respects.
That´s combination of two beautiful Flat Coated Retrievers of amazing character and good health. Both parents are very successful in the field, on shows and they have many titles and awards. Both are active therapy dogs and have passed hunting exams. Amy is a very gentle, calmer bitch, a princess at home, but she becomes an amazing hunting dog in the field and in the woods. It's a great partner for the hunt and we both enjoy it. She has a great nose. In turn, Romea enjoys WT tasks and any cooperation with me. It is a young dog imported from Italy with an excellent pedigree, great temperament and with a nice, friendly character with very nice will to please. He is already sire of 4 litters and breeders are extremely satisfied and I firmly believe that we will be with our litter too.
Puppies from this litter will be all black carrie liver, part will also carrie yellow. They will be suitable for families with children, to active people but they will be also promising for shows and breeding. They will have excellent premise to work - retrieving, typical for breed. Flat is suitable for various activities, sports, training, therapy, etc. They will do whatever they want. The most important it will be with you.
We would like to know the future owners personally; on the contrary, you will know us, the parents of the litter, puppies and the environment they grow up.