We decided for the last puppies of our beloved Amy. It was not easy to choose the right dog for her, but the current situation made it easier.
We are grateful owner lent us Bowie for a few days so we can met his personality even more. I´m happy to say Amy likes him soooo much and matings were natural and spontaneous.
Strongly believe we will see some little bubbles in three weeks and after two months we will welcome black and liver puppies. Please, fingers crossed. 
If you are interested in puppy and you want to be part of our flattie´s family, don´t hasitate to contact us!
You find more informations about litter here.
judges: Felszeghyova Eva, Ridarčíková Gabriela, Fulgenzi Gianni, Jursa Jozef, Harsányi Péter, Matyáš Jaroslav :)
Diamante Blu Nella Mia Stanza - CAC, Victory Winner-19  - new SLOVAK CHAMPION!! 
Romeo was subsequently selected as one from 4 the most beautiful dogs (out of 17 adult dogs FCI XVIII) and got into the system K. O., where the order of 5 judges decided. In the end, Romeo finished 3rd. Thanks for such amazing experience!
4/11/2019 - WE HAVE PUPPIES!
It is impossible to describe the joy we have been experiencing in recent days. Luck finally smiled on us and we saw it  coveted puppies. Amy gave birth to 11 beautiful babies, 3 sweet princesses and 8 boys. For more info visit the PUPPIES page
judges:  Eva Felszeghyova, Gabriela Ridarcikova, Gianni Fulgenzi, Jozef Jursa, Peter Harsanyi, Matyas Jaroslav  :)
My mother really wanted to try out the atmosphere of the KO system from the annual Champion of Champions exhibition, so she reported us to Bratislava. Romeo shone again!
Diamond Blue In My Room -  CAC, Victory Winner-19  and became the new SLOVAK CHAMPION OF BEAUTY !! 
Romeo was subsequently chosen among the 4 most beautiful dogs out of 17 adults  of dogs FCI XVIII  and thus got into the KO system, where the order was decided by 5 judges.  Romeo finally ran out  3rd place. Thank you all for an amazing experience!
9.2.2019 - WE ARE COVERED!
We are very happy to announce that we have successfully and several times managed to seal the love of two exceptional flats.
Amy and Romeo have been in love since day one, it was no different during the mating  and so we firmly believe that in two months we will see a share of black fortune. Keep your fists :)  
CHCZ CZPL MultiJCH GJW CJW Diamante Blu Nella Mia Stanza x CIE CIB MultiCH MultiJCH JCW CW Abigail Tulip Rock on Fire
9. 12. 2018 CACIB Nitra
judge: Alessandro Zeppi /IT/
Diamante Blu Nella Mia Stanza - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG II
Abigail Tulip Rock on Fire - CAC, CACIB, BOS
12. 11. 2018 Club autumn retriever tests - Štěpánov u Olomouce  
Romeo in my leadership  successfully passed the exams  in the 2nd prize and thus became a usable dog.  I'm glad that we were able to try out the rehearsal atmosphere with the premiere and find out what we have to work on. Overall, however, Romísek surprised me very nicely, 1/3 of the dogs fell out and in difficult terrain  advised young people. I'm very proud of the two of us and I'm looking forward to the next season.
I must also not forget the amazing achievements of breeding. Angel girl during  incredible two months passed 4 exams with fantastic results!
Angelic Wink of Beskyd Hill (Amy x  Calle)
KPZR - res.CACT, 2nd place
  - excellent, 1st place
Nosework discrimination Z
We are very proud of the joint work of the A&A team!
11. 10. 2018 EUROPEAN DOG SHOW Warsaw
judge: Barbara Muller / CH /
Although I didn't really want this show, the results we brought from Poland were simply incredible!
In his 22 months, Romeo won the intermediate class and subsequently became the second most beautiful dog after the European winner! It was a great honor for us to run in line with all the wonderful class winners, especially with Romísek's dad Berry. An incredible experience with a huge surprise and joy at the end.
Diamante Blu Nella Mia Stanza - Exc.1, CWC, res.CACIB (intermediate class)
1 2. 10. 2018 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show Warsaw
judge: Claudio de Giuliani / IT /
Diamond Blue In My Room - Exc1, CWC  (intermediate class)
Romeo ran his first adult champion - CHPL in two days.
No need to write how proud I am.