Dog nursery course

Who is the kindergarten course suitable for?
For everyone who is interested in working with their puppy .
The content of the course is mainly socialization . We learn how to communicate with our dog
including basic commands. We focus mainly on summoning.
All training takes place in the form of
positive reinforcement .

When does the course take place?
The kindergarten for puppies runs twice a year , always in spring and autumn.

The dogs are divided into groups in the course  about 4-6 dogs (according to size, age and dexterity).
It is also possible to arrange individual lessons
  outside spring and autumn course.

Each lesson lasts around  45 minutes .

How much does the course cost?
Individual courses are paid in the form of a credit, which is charged in advance upon agreement.
The price of 1 credit is CZK 80.
Group lesson
  1 credit ,  individual lessons  4 credits (+ shipping)

How to register for the course?

Using the login form HERE .
I will contact you based on this application.

I inform all participants by email and if something changes quickly, then to the phone number .
If you are already bothered by a problem, please write to me about it.
Only after the first hour can you decide whether my way of management suits you and whether you want to attend kindergarten.

In the case of individual questions, I always try to answer and advise them at the end of the class.

What to take with you for the first hour?

  • not a eaten or hungry dog (skip the ration or at least humiliate it)

  • vaccination card for control (protection for all)

  • short guide

  • long guide (tracker) not flexi!

  • plenty of treats (what a dog likes, frolic, sponge cake, sausage, etc. are suitable) sliced, broken into the smallest possible pieces

  • favorite toy, balloon

  • suitable clothing that you will not mind possible dirt, I recommend clearing boots, especially in the rain or after the rain

  • good mood

I will be looking forward to a possible meeting with us in school!

Jana Janickova